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After care

After care

We see after care as a critical third step in our holistic process of: Creating awareness > Screening > After care.
We have a unique audiologist network to assist our device. Every child tested positive will be referred to a Sohum certified audiologist.
In this way, interventions will be ensured and measured with follow-ups.


To deliver appropriate and timely after-care, we are forming a network of specialists.
After you indicate interest through the form on the right, we will reach out to you with the next steps of registering you with the network and certifying you as a Sohum expert.

Audiologists and speech pathologists

  • Audiologists and speech pathologists¬†will get referrals through Sohum network of hearing screening. Families of new-borns screened positive for hearing impairment will be directed to you. You will the nodal point for services in a region.

Pediatricians, ENT specialists and General physicians

  • Pediatricians and maternity homes can become partner to Sohum and provide the facility of hearing screening to newborns from their respective centers. We provide physicians with the Sohum device and multilayer decision support to translate accurate and timely screening for your patients.

Students and volunteers

  • We believe in enabling the future. We provide students with short term training modules and resources to learn about audiology and Sohum. Selected students will also be provided with internship and short term job opportunity.