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COVID Support

In the difficult time of COVID, Sohum would like to offer specialized care to newborns, babies, and anyone who needs support with children. Currently, we have the following initiatives:

1. Teleconsultation with Child specialties: We connect parents to specialized Pediatricians, Neonatologists & other children-related specialties through teleconsultation. This facility is available in any city. We prefer to connect the doctor specific to your need. The doctor would charge their basic fee. We will take care of the doctor fee on a case-to-case basis. Fill the form below for registration or message your Full Name- City to 8989839551 and we will reach out to you.

2. Scheduled Vaccination: Sohum is committed to the safety of babies. We are providing scheduled immunization for babies at home in presence of a specialized nurse. Immunization would be provided in consultation with your Pediatrician and after reviewing the immunization schedule of the child. This service is started keeping in view that you and your child don’t get unnecessary exposure going to the clinic and also would not miss on life-saving vaccination required for other diseases like measles, polio etc.

3. Any other child-care related need: eg: Administration of an IV line.

Please fill the form below to access our doctors and any vaccination or childcare need at home. You can get more information about Sohum Home Health at www.sohumhomehealth.com

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