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Creating awareness

Creating awareness

Baby’s first year wall calendar


Awareness and early signs

Most Indian households have a wall-calendar they hang in the living room. Many local businesses like banks use this for advertising. Having a child development calendar hanging in plain sight involves the parents and makes them a part of identifying early signs of communication delays, which will grant valuable time when the child is still developing to take timely action.


A calendar that starts
when the baby is born

Flip a page as the baby grows one month older and pen in the dates. Use the stickers to mark dates that are important for the baby, on the calendar. The calendar can be given to parents of newborns. Parents are encouraged to hang the calendar in an accessible place in their home and to try the activities with the child as time allows.

Fun activities for playing
with the baby

Each month contains illustrated activity ideas that are fun for parents, caregivers and infants. Each month contains activities that correspond to that age and stage of the baby. You can also add new dimension to these activities and be creative! It is recommended that all activities are done when the child is rested, fed and ready to play, and is done under close adult supervision.

Development milestones
for a growing baby

Researches show that more stimulation leads to better development of the baby, which is measured by the milestones they achieve. Each page of the calendar has child development milestones corresponding to that age. The parent can tick them off as the child achieves them. This information will help the child’s doctor understand their development better.

Maternity homes and pediatricians: Give this calendar to new parents
New parents: Order a calendar for yourself!
Everyone else: Donate a calendar for distribution at an affiliated clinic