Sohum Innovation Lab

An ISO 13485 company



Product features led by insights

Sohum was designed to meet the top 5 challenges that were prioritized by the users and stakeholders.
Each problem led to a district feature in Sohum.

Can be used for mass screening
Works in noisy environments
Reduces risks associated with sedation
Affordable and accessible
Meets stakeholder needs while creating employment
Time of the test is reduced by reducing the preparation time and by checking both ears simultaneously. This makes it suitable for mass screening. Noise does not affect Sohum’s results, as we have effective impedance matching. Our innovative algorithm takes care of the movement of the baby, so sedation is not required while using Sohum. We reduce the cost by using re-usable easy-to-clean electrodes and through our service based business model. We are minimizing human error through our easy-to-place electrode system, and are taking away the need for high skill.

Immersive research

Sohum was design based on immersive field research, user study guided by the Biodesign process and a human centric approach. This rigorous research led to key insights.