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old After care

The Sohum certified network


Audiologist and speech pathologist

Experts can register and get certified by Sohum. Audiologist and speech pathologist can get referrals through the Sohum network. Sohum certified audiologists will be the nodal point for services in a region and share revenues with Sohum. We enable hearing experts to diagnose hearing impairment, provide hearing aids and give access to rehabilitation programs to provide a full care cycle.
Medical practitioner

Patients rely heavily on the physician’s competence, skills, and good will. The doctor–patient relationship is critical to enable timely screening. We provide future physicians with the best medical technology and multilayer decision support so that they can give accurate and timely care to their patients. Pediatricians and maternity homes can partner with Sohum to provide hearing screening to newborns from their respective centers.
Students and volunteers

We believe in enabling and training future audiologists. We provide short term training module and resources to upgrade knowledge about audiology. Students will be trained to provide services in hearing screening, diagnostics and rehabilitation. Students are tested and get access to our resources. Selected students may also be provided with internships and job opportunities.


Joining Sohum network provides you with:

  • Access to the advanced technology required to conduct simple hearing screening test.
  • Access to best tested hardware and software system at clinic end.
  • A new revenue model through the extra services provided through your clinic.
  • Connectivity to the nearest hearing specialist to provide further care.
  • Special protocol kit to keep an account of the babies tested.
  • 24×7 technical support.